Saturday, 28 April 2007

The Epic Norwegian Hitchhike

Just back from an epic hitchhike in Northern Norway. I
loved the midnight sun especially, such a convience for two weary
tenters seeking places to sleep. Thanks to Jenny, friend from Lund
and whale watcher guide, we got cheap tickets to see some diving
sperm whales. They go down a 1000m with phosphorlescent bacteria in
there mouths, eating 18m´beaked squid! Amazing. Hitching in
Napp, on the slate and shale rocks in the Jotenheimen, the Home of
the giants, and many great people.
Soon, I'll head to Netherlands
to volunteer at a seal rehabiliation centre. Sad to leave my friend
Klara here in Göteborg.

June 3.05
I was the top of
the class for both courses that I took here in Lund. The only other
canadian chick did as well in her courses. Must be the canadian
inferiority complex.
So, now i'm off to the artic circle, northern
Norway. I feel a bit sad always moving around. 5 months here. 8
months there, for the past three years non-stop. Christ. My heart
can't take it anymore.

May 14.05
I am contributing once
again to this page because Klara Jansson, this pretty swede from
Gothenburg has been reading my webpage, so here it goes...
We just
returned from a week long field trip in Småland, a pine and
spruce region of southern sweden, studying three small lakes. My partner, being the typical ultra-modern swede, was quick to skinny dip with professors and TAs, though I am more bashful.
I love this countries eduction: chilling with Camerooni cats and benthic invetebrates, while it
hailed, rained, and shone warm spring sun down on us. Very nice!

Jan 13.05
I'm in Sweden now, Lund University.
Lots of bikes and geothermally heated homes, oh ya!

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