Saturday, 28 April 2007

Seal Rehabilitation

Aug 16.05
Back from Zeehonden Creche in
the Netherlands. What to say, you can look in my photos section for
the pictures for the cute baby seals, whom we feed, cleaned, and
assisted nurses with other care. Seeing the personalities of the
seals, their curousity, sociability and playfulness, I was haunted by
the grim Canadian inheritance of 350000 dead seals annually in the
maritimes, in fact the largest slaughter of wild mammals on the face
of the planet, period.
Must stop the killing, must devote my
energies to saving our bludgeoned marine friends. Most Canadians
don't know about it, thinking we are civilized a people, in
comparison to the monsters down south: a ignorant assumption, and
begets our collective inertia to take responsibility for the
industries that rape the planet under our name.

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