Saturday, 28 April 2007


Aug 20th 2006

The Great Bear rainforest is spiky like
a porcupine. It has old old grey snags like spires, more numerous
than the Helmlock or pine. I look at the shores of Vancouver and miss
the old growth, the standing dead, and my god the beautiful
intertidal! Anenomes, mussels, crabs, stars, herring fish. We found
the most northern occurrence of the endangered red-legged frog, while
beach in swells and trudging up steep mainland thickets. Why would I
ever leave BC, when we have the forests, the sea, and the marriage of
the two?

Now, we'll analyze the data, for
Klara's masters. This could be a good break for me too, doing a real
study, helping from start to the end.

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