Saturday, 28 April 2007

Scoil Rince De Danaan Irish Dance

In irish dance, your whole body becomes
a percusive instrument. Like a military drum role, rata tat tat with
the hard shoes. Though I'm ungangly and disproportionately weak and
strong, I flare with energy and enjoy bouncing around the hall for
over two hours. Plus, perhaps call it theraputic or spiritual, there
is something to dance. Like singing, dancing has a deep root in the
history of our species.

I was lucky to have a great class,
great dynamics and a great instructor, a lot better than my last
stint in Alberta. I wonder if I invest more time into it, if I can
make a semi-career out of it... hmmm, like a fatter version of
Riverdance... nah, I'll waste thousands of dollars in lessons and
physiotherapy bills.

The beginning of the ends. This is the
last class of Irish Dance at the Scoil Rince DeDanann. Will I be able
to dance in Alaska? Sweden? Will my body remember the movements when
I return to vancouver in a god knows how many years?

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