Saturday, 28 September 2013

Starting a PhD in Australia

Time flies! I've been in Australia for two months now, and I've been lucky to have been out on surveys for Bottlenose Dolphins in Adelaide (South Australia) and Bunbury (South West Australia) and for Snubfin Dolphins (a Northwest Australia). Also, I've had the all-Aussie-holiday experience vacationing in Bali; I've built a recycled Chicken coop with my 'permie' housemates in White Gum Valley near Perth; and I even shepherd a happy sheep named Euwan around the huge backyard garden,lush with Kale and chard and peppers. My super(ish) computer arrived the other day (and despite some crashes with Gnome-Ubuntu), and so things are looking very promising rounded life of cerebral PhD'ing, homey animal husbandry, and wildlife encounters as only Australia can deliver: today a >2m long Manta ray was slowly bowriding our survey boat in the shallows of Cygnet Bay!

(future) chicken coop

Euwan the sheep

Adelaide Bottlenose dolphins on survey

Snubfin dolphins in Cygnet Bay, North Western Australia

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