Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Workshop on Bayesian Capture-Recapture: 2017 Conference for the Society of Marine Mammology, Halifax NS Canada

My colleague Krista Nicholson and I will be running a full-day practical workshop on Bayesian Capture-Recapture. The workshop will be held at the 2017 Conference for the Society of Marine Mammology in Halifax, NS, Canada, on Sunday, October 29, 2017.

More information about registration and the price can be found here. The workshop is only available for conference attendees.

Description. This workshop is run in response to recent advances in CR modelling showing that there are number of advantages in implementing Bayesian CR models over other popular methods. These advantages will be highlighted and discussed throughout the workshop.

The workshop will include an introduction to Bayesian theory and beginner/intermediate tutorials on R and JAGS. JAGS is the popular and flexible Bayesian scripting language that can code CR models and much more! The workshop is suitable for students, researchers, professors, veteran program MARK users, and anyone who is already familiar with CR and would like to learn how to implement Bayesian CR models. Intermediate familiarity with R and CR is expected.

Outline of the workshop: i) Bayesian philosophy; ii) introduction to the BUGS/JAGS language; iii-v) practical tutorials to implement common CR models for cetaceans (POPAN, PCRD, individual-covariate models); vi) Bayesian model-selection; vii) Hierarchical Bayesian models; viii) open-session to be determined by pre-workshop participant outreach (spatial capture-recapture, cloud-computing and high-performance computing, multi-event).

You can register for this workshop online at the conference website

We welcome participants to express their interest in any particular topics to be covered or discussed during the workshop and invite questions on and submissions of difficult data sets, which we may be able to work on and discuss in the workshop.

If you have any inquiries about the workshop or its content, please do not hesitate to contact Dr. Robert Rankin at

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