Friday, 4 July 2008

Leaving the Swedish mountains

There is a sense of foreboding. Time is wrapping up here in the Swedish mountains. My project fieldwork is done as most of the nests have hatched, and the chicks are running around the valleys. It was a physically difficult 5 weeks. And it wasn’t that successful. I didn’t find as many nests as I had hoped, as the density is much lower here in the rugged alpine, than the tundra from which I based my estimates on. So, I’m left with data that may not be useful, 5 weeks of somewhat isolation that I don’t remember too much about. Soon, I’ll be travelling back down to Lund and then on to Canada. Much has happened in the 10 months that I’ve been in Sweden so far, to hard to conceptualize. I have that satisfactory feeling of a life lived, bloated and pushing back the memories of arrival back into another lifetime. Was it really only 10 months?

And how will these 5 weeks here fit in to my story? Not much to say.

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