Sunday, 24 February 2008

Norrköping roadtrip

I've been acting like a typical "bytes", as they say here, a foreigner who's come to Lund only to be frivolous and to party. I'm usually quite serious, having a lot on my plate at the moment, with ecotoxicology labs, database programming nonsense, assisting a  PhD student on her golden plover habitat modelling, learning swedish, and the constant planning for the summer, all of which I have been terribly negligent after 5 days of  festivities. Slipped by in a high serotonin sprint of extroversion to which I'm not accustomed. 4 swedes and I went on a delightful excursion to Norköping, a pretty post-industrial town on the Baltic, where old water towers and factories are coverted to student residences and bars. It was fun! We hung out with a corridor-mates group of friends, touring some of the sites of the city, like 3000 year old stone carvings, of boats and hunting and bear prints etc, went out to nightclubs, where II realize that night clubs are full of people well below my age, dressing in ways that seem silly.

So, thats it for a while. Contented for the moment with my time away from Lund, and hopefully not going to feel the need to travel around more, like these damned affluent swedes would so casually fly the globe around for their monthly vacations. Me, the spring migration is coming, and the summer sits on the horizon like a warm, glowing orb, full of promise that fills all whose light it touches. I really live an exciting life.

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