Monday, 3 December 2007

How to befriend the dark wet winter?

The darkness and my sprained arm is making me an anxious hopping ball of unspent energy. No nature, climbing, general exercise, ahhh! It happened last week during a head on collision with another cyclist. Yes, I was slightly inebriated. We were doing a "tura", ferrying back and forth several times between Helsingborg and nearby Danmark drinking, basically because the beer is cheaper than terrestrial bars, and who wouldn't prefer a bar that literally rocks back and forth (from wave action). I loved watching people trying both to look cool and maintain their balance. I imagine one could also "accidentally" bump into someone attractive and work it from there... Speaking of slimy, I'm a dancing machine in Sweden! Its neigh expected that guys go all out and be their own mock music video! Girls are more sedate and boring. So many opposites to Canada.

I can't stop whining about the darkness.... my plans for christmas consist of waiting for a last minute cheap ticket to egypt to do some diving. It might all get screwed if I actually lose my housing.

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