Thursday, 2 August 2007

Ontario? what the...

Flying into Seattle I saw the sun dip below the horizon for the first time in two months. Strangely, it wasn't strange. I anticipated that my time in the 24 hour sunlight of Barrow would have served me a serious reentry shock. On the contrary, I never really acclimatized to the tundra and the arctic: I loved its eerie terrain and flashy fauna, but it changed so much so rapidly, and our work was always changing, that my parents home in Ontario is like falling back to normality.

I'm bored. The canoe blew away. Shorkeling on riverine systems is nothing to compare with the Pacific northwest. I haven't met up with any friends yet. I read obsessively about birds, watch bird programs, to ease the transition I suppose. Really, I should be studying swedish and planning for that whole new life.

Perhaps I'll hitchhike to Lake Ontario and catch some arctic familiars on their migration south.

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