Monday, 28 May 2007

Farwell BC tour

Well I made it back, thanks to the generosity of the lovely American Christy who saw me all the way from Port Hardy to Vancouver. We took the inside passage down from Prince Rupert, a stunning ferry, like a cruise (boo). Saw lots of Dolphins, included some seabirds like Kitiwakes, Common Murres, lots of Rhino Auklets, and others. Check out the video of the Dolphins riding the bow wave in the video section.

It was thanks to the Greyhound strike that I was able to take the ferrie down from prince rupert instead of heading back on the bus. All in all, it made my iternery more interesting, so I made a little map of the  routes I took. Kinda aesthetically pleasing, dubbed my "Farwell BC tour", though the only significantly lengthly portions of my trip were, of course, with Laskeek Bay Conservation Society on Limestone Island, the Rose Spit hike, and being stuck in prince rupert.

And now that I'm back, I fill my time buying stuff for alaska, like toques and gloves and vests and crap. I'm really excited, and can't wait to be outta here. I always said I wanted to live in Vancouver "when I settle down", but in the frame of mind I'm in now, three weeks among the sea, islands and mountains, the crowded dirty city makes me predictably sick.

Crossing my fingers that'll I'll be accepted to Gothenburg University!

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